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A chi esita

In her debut album as both singer and composer, Valentina Fin embarks on a journey toward discovering her artistic identity, embracing moments of hesitation as integral to the creative process.

It's a voyage that encapsulates the pursuit of self-acceptance, even amidst the uncertainty, perhaps recognizing these moments of hesitation as some of the most creatively fertile.

2023 // Giotto Music

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American Songs //

Chamber Winds

The group draws on the repertoire of Songs, mainly for voice and piano in the original version, by some of the great American composers such as Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber and Ned Rorem, transcribed, adapted and arranged for a rather unusual ensemble, consisting of a voice and four other performers alternating between saxophones, clarinets and flute. 

2023 // Encore

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An Artist's Life Manifesto

Is a sextet research work, evidence of a year of work with Stefano Battaglia during the Permanent Workshops at Siena Jazz. The group experiments with the texts of Marina Abramovic's artist manifesto, creating extemporaneous compositions.

2023 // Aut Records

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Un bellissimo albero

"Un Bellissimo Albero" stands as a testament to the profound musicality and brilliance of pianist Marco Birro. This  album presents a collection of original compositions with  lyrics composed byValentina Fin.

2023 // Caligola Records

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KURT! is a project led by singer Valentina Fin, who, alongside pianist Mauro Spanò, has embarked on an exploration dedicated to the legacy of Kurt Weill, the renowned German composer and musician of the early 20th century.

The chamber ensemble combines the violin with the piano and voice duo.

Drawing inspiration from Weill's original scores, the trio has crafted innovative and contemporary arrangements, reimagining the atmospheres that straddle the realms of jazz and contemporary classical music.

2021 // Velut Luna

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RAME // Oscura Era

It's the second album by the quintet RAME entirely composed during the pandemic. The title is inspired by the book "New Dark Age" by James Bridle.

2022 // Wow Records

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TUMIZA is a research project by singer Valentina Fin, born as a follow-up and continuation of her thesis work. The encounter with Norma Winstone in 2015 served as the inspiration to structure a musical project, Tumiza, which draws inspiration from the historic trio of the singer with John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler, titled Azimuth, which read backward gives Tumiza.

2019 // Emme Record Label

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RAME is a quintet born in Vicenza in 2016, immediately setting out to construct its own language through the composition of original pieces that blend the most intimate aspects of improvisation with themes inspired by significant works and authors from the Italian cultural heritage.

The quintet's debut album was released in 2018 under the jazz label Emme Record Label. Titled "RAME," the album serves as the manifesto of the project, alternating between moments of spontaneous composition and written pieces.

2018 // Emme Record Label

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