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Valentina Fin started to study music at the age of 13, attending her first vocal technique lessons at the Accademia del Canto in Arzignano (VI), under the guidance of Maestro Roberto Clerici. Then, she studied jazz at the Thelonious School of Music in Vicenza, where she currently teaches jazz singing.

She subsequently attended the bachelor degree in Jazz Singing at the Conservatorio Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza, where she graduated on 22 February 2017 with top grades, presenting a final concert on the english soprano Norma Winstone. 

Here she also explores choral singing and piano practice. At the conservatory she studied with Paolo Birro, Salvatore Maiore, Mauro Beggio, Michele Calgaro, Pietro Tonolo and Francesca Bertazzo Hart. At the same time she obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage at the University of Trento and a Master's degree in Arts Management at the Sole24Ore Business School in Milan. 

She has attended master classes and courses with Norma Winstone, Sheila Jordan, Diana Torto, Amy London, Roberto Dani, Elisabetta Antonini, Barry Harris. She took opera singing lessons with Alberto Spadarotto and saxophone lessons with Ettore Martin. 

She studied contemporary classical vocal repertoire with Cristina Zavalloni. With pianist Stefano Battaglia at the Siena Jazz Academy, in 2021 she took part in the "Laboratori Permamenti di improvvisazione libera" to set the Serbian performer Marina Abramovich's artist manifesto to music in a sextet. The group recorded a cd dedicated to the concept in October 2021. 

In December 2020, with Augusto Dalle Aste, she founded Bacàn, a cultural association that deals with production in the field of contemporary music with a view to sustainability and cultural innovation.

She is currently attending the first year of the master degree in Jazz Singing at the Pedrollo Conservatory in Vicenza, where she is also following a parallel course in baroque singing.


She performs at many Italian and international jazz festivals including Vicenza Jazz, JazzMI, Jazz Area Metropolitana, Veneto Jazz, Fara Music Festival, Festival dei Conservatori Italiani, Jazz Juniors, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Europa Fest, Nisville Jazz Festival, Riga Jazz Stage, XX Visioon Festival (Tallin), Rigas Ritmi Festival.

In 2022 she won the Tomorrow's Jazz award at Veneto Jazz and the second prize at Riga Jazz Stage, thanks to which he made his first European tour with entirely original music. She performs in summer 2022 for Rigas Ritmi Festival, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club (London), XX Visioon Festival (Tallinn), Women for Freedom in Jazz (Venice) and Il Jazz Italiano per le terre del sisma (L'Aquila). January 2023 sees her first record release as singer and composer 'A chi Esita' for Egea Distribution.

In 2022 she is selected as a mentee for Sewem - Sino-European Women Entrepreneurs in Music - a European Union mentorship programme for young female entrepreneurs and musicians in the world of music.


In 2023, she is selected as a mentor in the ECSA-AEC Mentorship Programme 2022-2023 dedicated to female composers and songwriters, co-funded by the European Commission's Creative Europe programme and jointly organised by ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance), AEC (European Association of Conservatoires) and ENJ (European Jazz Network).

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